News – “Prank stabbing at Terakawa Ramen sends Penn students running, ducking under tables”

thedp.comIn an apparent prank, two men staged a stabbing in the crowded Terakawa Ramen restaurant on 40th street, causing some Penn students to flee the crowded restaurant and run outside on Nov. 13.

On Nov. 17, Philadelphia Police announced they would issue arrest warrants for the two men involved, with plans to charge them with risking a catastrophe and false reporting, 6ABC reported. The night of the staged stabbing, however, students said police told them the men were not arrested and would not be charged with a crime unless Terakawa pressed charges. 

At approximately 7:30 p.m., students said a man in his late teens ran into the restaurant screaming, “Somebody help me.” He wore a white shirt with what looked like a large bloodstain. Immediately following him was another man around the same age, who looked like he was about to stab or shoot the other man, students at the restaurant said. 

Some Penn students fled out the back door while others ducked under the table. One of the students at a table near to the door was Wharton senior Lea Chen. She said that she and her friend dove under the table within 20 seconds of the two men entering the restaurant. 

Andddd here we have the direct result of everyone wanting to go viral and get those likes…just imagine you’re enjoying some delicious ramen and next thing you know you look up from your bowl to a stabbing taking place?? And Terakawa is pretty tight inside…so now you can’t even escape and think you’re next….all to find out it was a prank for Instagram or Twitter….yeaaaaaa i’d be a tad peeved.

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