News – “Bears eat 49 chocolate bars left in Asheville student’s Prius”

wlos.comSixteen-year-old Lilly Thurmond was minding her own business, taking it easy at her Asheville home Sunday when she saw a mama bear and three cubs come into her family’s front drive. She didn’t think anything much of it, since bear sightings are common in the wooded subdivision where her home is. But then she looked again, almost doing a double-take when she saw the door to her Toyota Prius open.

“I turned my head, and I saw the car door is open,” Thurmond said, recalling the scene. “I could hear growling and stuff.”

She then grabbed her phone and began a spirited narration of the scene unfolding in her driveway.

“There’s three bears in my car at the moment, three. There comes another one!” she said in the video.

Thurmond quickly put two and two together and remembered she had a box of about 50 chocolate bars she had yet to sell for a TC Roberson fundraiser.

“I’m calling my mom, and I’m, like, I’ve got bears in my car,” Thurmond said.

Listen, if you leave your car unlocked with 50 chocolate bars in the backseat I’m going to assume you don’t want that chocolate and i’m going to do you a favor and take those off your hands just like this bear did…..and continue walking down the street looking like this.

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