All the Fast Food Restaurants Open Thanksgiving 2018 – While many restaurants and businesses close their doors on Thanksgiving Day, there are still a number of fast food spots that will remain open for customers.

Maybe you burn the turkey, run out of food or need to get out of the house for a bit — whatever the reason, there are a handful of fast food joints that will be there for you on Turkey Day.

Scroll down to check out the list and make sure to call your local fast food restaurant up before you head out on Thanksgiving, as not all may be participating in Thanksgiving day hours.


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Good ol’ McDonald’s is pretty much the fast food restaurant you can always count on, no matter what.

If you finish off your turkey and dressing and still have a craving for more food — or if someone just forgot to make dessert — you may be able to hit up your local Mickey D’s for a Big Mac and some delicious apple pies.

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If Burger King is more your thing, you will happy to know that some them will be open on Thanksgiving as well.

Pop in for a breakfast Croissan’wich pre-Thanksgiving lunch, or for a Whopper later in the day if you’re still hungry.


(Photo: Jack in the Box)

McDonald’s and Burger King are not the only fast food burger options available on Thanksgiving, as a number of Jack-in-the-Box restaurants will be open as well.

Stop by and grab a meal with one of their limited time pumpkin spice milkshakes on Thanksgiving Day if you find you’re out and about.

(Photo: White Castle)

If your turkey dinner really hits the spot but you find yourself still needing a little something extra, White Castle may be just what you need.

Roll through one this Thanksgiving and grab a sack or their classic slider burgers. Maybe take them home and chow down while you watch A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas.

(Photo: Steak ‘N Shake)

If you want a fast food burger that’s not entirely “fast food,” Steak ‘N Shake will have some spots open as well.

Head on over for a tasty steakburger and a shake on Thanksgiving Day.

papa johns
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Maybe you prefer some pizza on your Thanksgiving holiday. If that’s the case, Papa Johns has got you covered.

Call up your local store and see if they can deliver a hot and fresh pie to your door on Thanksgiving.

pizza hut
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Pizza Hut will also have some restaurants open around the nation, if you need to get some pizza to go with your football viewing.

It just might even come in handy if your turkey dinner preparation runs into a snafu.

popeyes-chicken Ken Wolter :
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If burgers and pizza just don’t do it for you, then Popeyes is here to rescue you.

The iconic chicken restaurant will reportedly have a number of Thanksgiving-themed family meals that are priced from $12.99 to $37.99.

(Photo: Qdoba)

Another option available on Thanksgiving is Tex-Mex spot Qdoba.

If you fancy a burrito and some chips and queso over turkey and cranberry sauce, you may want to plan to stop by.

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Perhaps your Thanksgiving meal is more than satisfactory and you don’t really need any extra food, Starbucks will still be serving coffee for anyone who needs a hot beverage.

Stop in and see your local baristas for a latte or macchiato this Thanksgiving.

(Photo: Boston Market)

Finally, for anyone who would rather forgo Thanksgiving dinner preparation, or just does not have time, Boston Market has a pretty appealing deal.

They will be offering a Thanksgiving dinner for six for less than $50 that you can take home and enjoy.

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