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    Surprising that this Epic-ness wasn’t made by Quentin Tarantino, OVERLORD was some in a class of it’s on! With that pure grind house 80’s type feel, the setting was made for horror and gore! From director Julius Avery, finally hitting the real big screen he hit it hard and he’s rolling! 

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     Bringing forward the (From Dust till Dawn)thing, the movie starts out as a war epic about a group of soldiers on a mission to destroy a tower so that America can storm a beach against the Nazis. Buuuut, let’s get the popcorn ready and really open your eyes for this joy ride. Oh that Nazi thing ummm goes in another route than what you may initially think. WELCOME TO HELL!!  Looooool.  It’s everything you would expect from a good war film -Action, thrills, no holds barred brutal violence, and the badass troops. Many different kinds from many different places all colors and all creeds, coming together for good old Uncle Sam, (Even has the one soldier who totally becomes a man on the battlefield) but then out of nowhere, in the tower that they need to explode the Nazis are putting their hands together for some strange experiments with some horrific science fiction results, and as such it flips the script and becomes amazing!

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      OVERLORD, was simply Just amazing! It had some bad acting and some new faces, but the direction, the score and the horrific action made this movie well worth it. The two combined genres make for a film that’s jam packed with excitement. It does not even give itself a chance to slow down. I give this movie a 4.4 Double cheese burgers with the secret sauce. Pick your sides because you will need them! Highly entertaining, tons of gore, weird science and a kick ass soundtrack this movie is a must see. So make it a date night and get to the theater to see OVERLORD! Come back to me THE MOVIE MAN and let me know your thoughts. Keep it locked to JustFilms and Justgrubbin for everything you need on food and entertainment!!  Oh yes you better always remember to keep it grubbin too!!! 


This one will be worth seeing over and over again. (Just saying)


**Image result for burger emojiBurgers: 4.4**

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