News – “Fast food restaurants are so desperate for workers they’re hosting ‘hiring parties’”

marketwatch.comYou’re cordially invited to get a job.

As the unemployment rate sits at just 3.7%, employers are getting so desperate for talent that they’re throwing hiring parties with free food and swag to lure in new talent.

Taco Bell beefed up its hiring efforts recently by throwing its first-ever hiring party in Indiana, inviting job seekers into one of its restaurants for games, nacho fries, watermelon freezes, and gift cards. Attendees were also given the opportunity to interview on the spot and learn about the company’s benefits.

“The hiring party is really a play on the old school job fair that used to take place at colleges or at the restaurants where people come in and give their resume,” Bjorn Erland, vice president of human resources at Taco Bell, told Moneyish. “The key was making it interactive and casual, but also if they wanted to interview and get hired, that was available as well.”

Taco Bell reported nearly 75 in-person applicants and 40 new hires — more than 50% of the typical 20% hiring rate — and received more than 300 online job applications as a result of the job fiesta. The fast food giant plans to roll out the hiring party program nationally next year.

With the employment rate at its lowest since 1969, restaurant owners and managers are especially concerned about attracting and retaining top talent. In fact, 65% of restaurant, hospitality and entertainment decision-makers said hiring new employees was a top operational priority, up from 55% in 2017, according to The Gallagher 2018 Benefits Strategy & Benchmarking Survey. And nearly three quarters (74%) said getting and retaining talent was a top HR priority, the report also found.

I mean it’s smart, when I was 17 if Taco Bell would have had one of these hiring parties me and my friends absolutely would have went and got all the free food and swag….prob would have applied and got ourselves some jobs…now we would have been fired after a week or two because we’re natural jackasses, hungry natural jackasses so we definitely would have been running through Cheesey Gordita Crunches but they still would have got those two weeks out of us because of the hiring party.

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