News – “Woman gives teens marijuana for ride to Taco Bell, pays for meals with counterfeit bill” – ST. GEORGE — A St. George woman is facing multiple charges after police say she gave two minors marijuana in exchange for a ride to a fast-food restaurant, where she allegedly used a counterfeit $100 bill to pay for their meals.

Tasha Elaine Jennings, 41, of St. George, appeared in court Friday and is facing five charges, including one third-degree felony count of possessing a forgery writing/device, along with four class B misdemeanor charges that include one count of marijuana possession, one count of paraphernalia possession and two counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor, according to court documents.

The charges stem from an incident Wednesday evening when police were dispatched to a Taco Bell store in St. George on report of a counterfeit $100 bill that was used to pay for items ordered at the drive-thru window.

Officers responded and were provided with a description of the vehicle the allegedly fraudulent payment came from, which was stopped at 1000 E. Tabernacle Street minutes later. Police identified the adult male driver as Frank Forsyth, along with two female juvenile passengers.

During the traffic stop, officers allegedly found marijuana and paraphernalia inside of the vehicle, for which Forsyth was cited and then released. The two juvenile passengers were also cited for marijuana and paraphernalia possession and were referred to juvenile justice court.

During the course of the investigation, the girls allegedly told officers that Jennings offered them marijuana in exchange for a ride.

I was gonna say gotta hear both sides on this one because exchanging weed for a ride to Taco Bell goes hand in hand…something that’s been going down since Taco Bell has been invented but damn Tasha you can’t be out here using monopoly money in 2018…that’s a easy easy way to arrested at the bar like you did smh.

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