News – “Doggy daycare granted liquor license” – MAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – A doggy daycare in Omaha is getting a liquor license.

The approval came at Tuesday night’s city council meeting.

The place will be called Barks N Brews and will be located at 137th and P.

“So you can get a drink and then play with your dog. So you and your dog can socialize. A lot of people feel bad for going out if they’ve been away from their dog, so here you can bring you dog and have a drink as well,” owner Danielle Hargens said.

The owner was clear about one point: Dogs will not be allowed in the drinking area. The health department wanted to make sure that was the case.

As a dog owner and an up and coming functional alcoholic/ entertainer I just want to say this is a great idea and frankly I’m jealous I didn’t think of it. I love my dog to death (shoutout to Muno) and with that being said I don’t trust him with just any strange person….so if I can check on my puppy and have a brewski while he plays with his colleagues i’m all the way here for it. Matter fact let me see if I can contact them and get in on this business.

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