News – “Drunk Man Pulls Trousers Down, Jumps On McDonald’s Counter And ‘Helicopters’ Penis”

ladbible.comA man has appeared in court after he whipped down his trousers, jumped on a McDonald’s and started to ‘helicopter’ his penis, while ‘heavily fuelled by alcohol’, obviously.

Edinburgh Sheriff Court heard that at around 5am on 22 July this year, 29-year-old Ryan Dolan from Musselburgh popped into the South St Andrew’s Street branch of the fast-food chain, where he started by pretending to serve customers before pulling his trousers down and doing the weird dance while shocked customers and staff looked on.

Nicole Lavelle, fiscal depute, told the court: “Out of the blue he took his trousers and pants off, showing his penis and testicles and thereafter was dancing with his trousers down”.

After carrying out he bizarre routine, he pulled up his kecks, but then jumped down on the staff side of the counter, the Edinburgh Evening News.

Understandably, Dolan was asked by staff to leave, but he didn’t pay attention to their request and instead got his genitals out again.

Lavelle added: “He grabbed his penis and started to play with it pretending to serve customers and started dancing again, carrying out helicopter-like moves with his penis”.

After a ‘few minutes’, he pulled his trousers back up and left.

Dolan’s behaviour was described as Lavelle as ‘boisterous acts, heavily fuelled by alcohol’.

We discussed this on episode 37 of the podcast so if you want the full hilarious recap I would highly suggest listening to that…but yea man this is completely normal…who doesn’t get absolutely shit faced and start serving customers at McDonalds after hopping on the counter and helicoptering their junk around?! Sounds like a normal Wednesday to this man…no but seriously what’s even funnier about this article is the fact that this wasn’t his first time doing this…apparently this is just another night out for Ryan.

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