News – “Deputy resigns after video shows him stealing granola bars from crime scene “ – DURANGO, Colo. (AP) – — A Colorado law enforcement officer is resigning this week after he was accused of stealing food from a crime scene.

The Durango Herald reports a homeowner who was subject to a marijuana cultivation drug bust last year brought forward surveillance video, showing La Plata County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Ryan Engle stealing granola bars.

 The video prompted the sheriff’s office to conduct an internal investigation and the Colorado Bureau of Investigation to launch a probe.

Christian Champagne, 6th Judicial District attorney, says prosecutors stopped pursuing criminal charges after Engle decided to resign. Engle’s attorney Ryan Brungard says his client fully cooperated with investigators.

He says Engle took the granola bars because he felt they were “open for anyone to take” based on the search atmosphere and the owner’s hospitality.

LOL Can you imagine going home and telling your significant other that you got shit canned and was getting investigated for fucking stealing granola bars?! What if they weren’t even good, man oh man I’m sorry this happened to Ryan but damn man that’s hilarious on so many levels. AND this was in Colorado, which makes it even funnier because the weed jokes simply write themselves.

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