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       From the genius mind that brought us all (12 years a slave) Steve McQueen brings us  “WIDOWS”, the highly anticipated heist/crime movie starring Viola Davis and the man himself Liam Neeson, set in Chicago, is an intriguing blend of dark thrills and social commentary hailing itself on real-life situations  of inequality and violence plaguing within the backdrop of the Windy City. This film was put together with a incredible ensemble cast, and most of the actors and actresses don’t tend to fail!  Even with the large ensemble most of the characters are surprisingly well-developed–a rarity in films with this number of characters. (HENCE THE WORD MOST) Viola Davis is yet again outstanding as the lead actress. Other standouts in the cast include Colin Farrell as the son to a crooked and openly racist machine politician (Robert Duvall,) and Daniel Kaluuya (GET OUT) who brings it again as a psychopathic criminal.

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      WIDOWS’ heist scenes are astonishing and well-executed, but quite short lived in it’s on screen time. The same is true with the scenes regarding the actual planning of the heist. (A lot was missing seemingly) and we want more!!! …. going into this, the audience needs to know that the film is more of a political drama than the trailers are promoting it as. The film had a great understated score that did its job well on setting the tone and captured the pure feel of the movies most impactful scenes. While there could have been a use of (well-written) comic relief, the tone generally communicates McQueen’s messages and artistic intentions. 

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      “Widows” is a good film but not a great one, containing a few clear-cut flaws. I dig deep into this one and I am giving it a 4.4 of some nice charbroiled made burgers of choice! Some descent sides to compliment makes for an OK meal!! I can say that this movie bit off more than it can chew. It had potential to be legendary but fell short in certain areas and again when the trailers show you one thing damnit we want it!!! It’s very entertaining and I will say yes you must check it out! So get up off the couch and get to the theater and check this movie out. Come back to me THE MOVIE MAN and let me know your thoughts and keep it locked to JustFilms and Justgrubbin for everything you need food and entertainment! Yo always keep it grubbin!! 


**Image result for burger emojiBurgers: 4.4**

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