6abc.comCHERRY HILL, N.J. – Two women were arrested following a violent altercation in a Cherry Hill Wawa.

A video posted to Facebook is central to a police investigation to the November 17 fight between two younger women and a middle-aged female which ended in the arrest of the two aggressors.

Destiny Davis and Diamond Howard were arrested by Cherry Hill police in the parking lot of the Wawa on Route 38 following the incident.

The pair was charged with disorderly conduct and other related offenses. In court on Tuesday, both Davis and Howard were fined $200.

“The lady who was in line, our victim, heard these two females speaking using profanity, and they were using it multiple times, so she asked them to watch their language and not speak like that,” said Cherry Hill Police Chief William Monaghan. “At that point, one of the females started speaking louder, acting extremely aggressive, climbed on top of the counter of the store, knocked over gift cards, and started spitting at the victim.”

But it did not end there.

“Another female who was with this other (suspect) came around and started verbally assaulting this woman, as well, yelling at her, using profanity, started spitting at her. She than physically attacks her in line to the point where she knocked her down and repeatedly punched her about the head and face,” said Monaghan.

Okay you can’t go around just jumping people in Wawa’s, we don’t condone this kind of violence over at Just Grubbin….

Now with that disclaimer out the way…we gotta hear both sides man…why won’t people just mind their business? I can understand some rowdy youngins language bothering you but that doesn’t mean you tell these strangers to watch their mouths…ESPECIALLY if their rocking timbs and named Destiny or Diamond….this was not their first time fucking someone up in a public place, trust me.

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