News – “Ice cream shop with sexy cow logo shuts; owner blames ‘extremist radical liberals'” – Dairy Air, a Montclair ice cream shop that opened a year ago to a firestorm about its “sexualized” logo, has closed, and its owner is blaming “extremist radical liberals” for his business’s demise. 

Owner Anthony Tortoriello had harsh words for the locals who called the cow’s-rump logo “offensive and sickening” and hosted a community meeting about the matter. 

“They were on a crusade to destroy my business and my life,” said Tortoriello, who added that he is fed up and retiring from business. “I was totally berated and accused of being a woman-hater. It was nonstop harassment; it never ended.”

The uproar was set in motion last year by Amy Tingle and Maya Stein, owners of Creativity Caravan, a Montclair “studio, gallery and imaginarium,” according to their website.

“A hypersexualized cow with her ass upended and poking through a circle, tail raised up, waiting for what? I’m not sure, but I do know that I am repulsed and offended,” Tingle said last December. “This kind of marketing scheme is the reason we currently have a sexual predator in the White House.”

The story quickly became a cause célèbre in Montclair, a liberal bastion that former Gov. Chris Christie famously dubbed the “People’s Republic of Montclair,” and was debated on social media and covered by news outlets across the country. 

I feel for Anthony trying to hold his ground and stand by his morals and what not but damn man I don’t think a cow displaying her cow butt cheeks is worth losing your business over. You coulda easily compromised and put Thotty Heiferniqua in some leggings or something smh.

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