News – “HopCat to rename Crack Fries because ‘drug addiction is not a joke'” –  Signature French fries — served with a drug reference — are getting a name change at gastropub Hopcat’s 17 locations.

“While the name Crack Fries was intended to be tongue-in-cheek, drug addiction is not a joke,” Mark Gray, CEO of BarFly Ventures, HopCat’s parent company, said Monday in a Youtube video and blog post. “The drug crack has devastated many of the communities that we serve.” 

Menus, signs and posters are being redesigned, with a yet-to-be announced name change in January. The more-than 11-year-old recipe for the beer-battered fries, with salt and pepper among a secret blend of seasonings, is to remain intact. 

Besides tap lists ranging to more than 100 different curated beers, Crack Fries are what HopCat is known for. When it opens a restaurant, HopCat has a tradition of offering many of its first customers free Crack Fries for a year. Food Network named them one of “America’s 10 Best French Fries.” 

“People love Crack Fries, a lot of people love the name, but we thought it was time to make a change,” BarFly Ventures spokesman Chris Knape said. “Frankly, I’ve been thinking about it for years and getting different feedback through the years — including through some of our partners in Detroit.”

This is such a funny ass headline, again life is mirroring something out of South Park or The Office. After reading the article not only am I upset that none of my family members from Detroit have took me to get these crack fries….I’m also upset they have to change the name!

Every single one of us have eaten something and mumbled right after with a mouth full of food “Damn they must have crack in this!” and clearly HopCat unlocked the fry cheat code of deliciousness so they deserve to be able to keep “crack” in their name.

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