News – “Old Bay Sues New Bae For Trademark Infringement” – BALTIMORE (AP) — A clash of seasonings is looming in federal court, as Maryland’s Old Bay seeks to protect its trademark in a lawsuit against another spice blend, New Bae.

Old Bay maker McCormick & Co. sued this week to stop Pittsburgh-based Primal Palate from using the “New Bae” name.

new bae seasoning 2 Spice Spat: Old Bay Sues New Bae For Trademark Infringement

New Bae spice. Courtesy: Primal palate

The paleo diet-centered Primal Palate launched New Bae as an organic blend in October 2017, touting its suitability for crab legs, fries and Bloody Marys.

McCormick asserts Primal Palate has used taglines like “Out with the Old, and in with the NEW” to capitalize on Old Bay’s “fame and goodwill.”

The lawsuit says Primal Palate responded to a cease-and-desist by acknowledging New Bae’s name was a “nod” to Old Bay.

Primal Palate didn’t respond to the newspaper’s comment request.

SEASONING WARSSSSS!!!! But nah if I come over to your crib and you hand me a plate of delicious seafood and then pass me the “New Bae” seasoning instead of Old Bay, I would gently place the food in the trash, shake your hand and calmly yet sternly tell you to never contact me again.

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