Home Chef – Week 25: Hickory-Seasoned Salmon with everything bagel-roasted cauliflower & Jerk Steak Tacos with caramelized pineapple slaw

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This weeks delivery of Home Chef, I may be logged in to change my order about 4-5 times because I knew that I definitely wanted the salmon but i was unsure about the steak tacos. 

Day 46: Hickory-Seasoned Salmon with everything bagel-roasted cauliflower

This was so much different than anything I’ve ever cooked or eaten before. First off, I have never cooked with liquid smoke but it gave the fish so much of a different flavor that I’ve never tasted before. Secondly, I actually googled to see if you can even buy everything bagel seasoning and found that Whole Foods is about the only place that sells it and i want to put it on everything lol.

Recipe: https://www.homechef.com/meals/hickory-seasoned-salmon

Day 47: Jerk Steak Tacos with caramelized pineapple slaw

I know I say this a lot but this is officially the best meal I’ve made to date. The steak itself came pre-sliced and was cooked with the jalapeño pepper and I was slightly worried that it would be too spicy but the spice mixed well with the sweet of the pineapple and the saltiness of the jerk sauce. It was delicious. I cooked this with a side of rice because I thought it wasn’t enough food but it wasn’t needed.


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