News – “Deputies find stolen meat stuffed in car, glove box” – MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Texas – A man was arrested for theft this week after police discovered more than $1,000 worth of meat and fish in his car.

On Sunday, a Montgomery Country Sheriff’s deputy was on patrol in the Fox Run subdivision when he saw a driver throw an aluminum can out of a car. While the deputy stopped the driver, a call came in for a reported theft from Kroger at 3731 Riley Fuzzel Road.

The deputy discovered the license plate for the vehicle he stopped matched the car in the reported theft. The deputy searched the vehicle and found $1,188 worth of beef, pork, shrimp and other items, including a roast in the glove box and a T-Bone steak underneath the driver’s seat.

Deputies identified the driver as Michael Cordova, 52, who was taken into custody for felony theft. Cordova was released due to previous medical issues, according to deputies, and a warrant will be issued later for his arrest.

Deputies returned the stolen meat to Kroger.

Seeeeee that’s what you get for littering all willy nilly…but here’s the real question here. We’ve covered all sorts of meat related thefts on this blog and on the podcast, what makes them great is how they get the meat OUT of the store…which usually consists of the thieves shoving the meat down their pants or shirt. How in the hell did Michael get $1,000 dollars worth of meat out the store?!

Also if he wouldn’t have gotten caught it’s safe to say homie was about to have one of the best cookouts Montgomery County has ever seen.

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