News – Philadelphia Popeyes selling emotional support chickens to stressed out holiday travelers –  (WXYZ) — The stress of traveling, especially over the holiday season, can be a lot with the crowds, long lines and weather delays. It’s no wonder some people need an emotional support animal.

Popeye’s has created a solution to help ease the stress. The company has introduced an emotional support chicken — no, not a real chicken. It’s actually a fried chicken meal in a specially designed carrier box that looks like a chicken.

The carrier box is only available at Philadelphia International Airport for a limited time.

It’s TSA-friendly!

See this is why I love Popeyes, there out here looking out for the people making sure their stress free and full of delicious grease. Forget whatever happened in the past, this is the real reason why Philly is the city of brotherly love. I might go to the airport just so I can get one of those convenient ass chicken boxes.

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