Movie Reviews with Tim: Possession of Hannah Grace

       Sooooo…. you remember when I said that 2018 had tons of hits on top of hits?? Well…The Possession of Hannah Grace was just as bad as i expected it to be! Sorry 2018 just like the ball was dropped on SLENDER MAN, all the glass was shattered on this trash.  This movie was non scary or even remotely interesting horror movie as well. It packed the exact same boring type of jump scares that was seen in the trailers. Let me not forget to mention that the acting was far from good as well!! What a dud! 

           I can’t with this review, lol it baffles me that we can get great movies that can come straight to dvd or something that’s on Netflix, but the industry is capable of putting turds like this and smear it all on the screen… arrrrggg lol I’m giving this the perfect score of 2.0 uncooked moldy burgers with anchovies and melted molded cheese that’s been sitting out for 10 years! This movie stinks! Do yourself a favor don’t see this trash! come back to me THE MOVIE MAN  and give me your feedback “if” you see this gar-bage!!!! Make sure you keep it locked to JustFilms and Justgrubbin for everything you need food and entertainment! Always remember to keep it grubbin.


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