News – “Pedialyte targets hungover adult market with flavored water drink” – Your favorite hangover remedy now comes in a convenient powder pack and it’s actually designed for adults. If you’ve had a too much fun at holiday parties this year, Pedialyte says they’ve got you covered. 

The popular children’s drink is now targeting adults with a flavored fizzy version called Sparkling Rush. It’s a medical grade fizzy drink with levels of electrolytes and carbohydrates that are optimal for replenishing your body if you lose more water than you take in. All you do is add the powder to water and 10 seconds later it’s ready to drink. 

The move allows Abbott, the makers of the hydration beverage, to continue to monopolize on the Pedialyte buzz. The new product was inspired by social media posts from adults who used the products to help nurse a hangover, according to USA Today

Pedialyte, which was launched in 1966 as one of the first readily-available dehydration solutions, works to restore mineral loss in children who are sick and now it will go up against Gatorade and PowerAde for adults. Pedialyte contains less sugar and more electrolytes than the average sports drink.

“There’s a reason so many turn to Pedialyte when they need help hydrating – it works,” said Jennifer Williams, MPH, Research Scientist at Abbott who specializes in hydration. “And now our Pedialyte Sparkling Rush powder offers a new, on-the-go option for those who love some bubble in their beverages.”

Welp this tells you everything you need to know about me and my drinking habits because I just kinda assumed this was already a thing. That’s a smart play on their part because I know damn well my degenerate ass friends will be taking full advantage of this whenever it finally drops on shelves…..don’t judge us.

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