News – “Santa Claus Egged While Traveling On A Fire Truck”

baltimore.cbslocal.comESSEX, Md. (WJZ) — The Essex Volunteer Fire Company said their truck was egged as they transported Santa Claus through the community.

On Facebook, the company said it spent the last nine days driving around Santa because the volunteers enjoy “seeing the children’s faces light up when they see Santa and keeping a long tradition alive.”

According to the post, the egging happened while the truck was visiting Cedar Valley Place Sunday night.

The company said that this incident combined with negative feedback by some citizens has made them reevaluate bringing Santa Claus on the Fire Engine next holiday season.

People always like to bring up the fact that Philadelphia Eagles fans threw snowballs at Santa, well I think they officially need to be let off the hook…..I mean egging Santa and THEN bitching about the Santa coming around on the truck is waaaayyyy worse then getting hit with some snowballs…that egg yolk is probably still all up in his beard and costume smh.

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