News – “Houston Astros player hands $1,200 to workers at fast-food drive-through windows”

foxnews.comForget Santa — Alex Bregman of the Houston Astros spreads Christmas cheer like it’s his job.

On Christmas Eve, the professional MLB player shared a YouTube video of he and his buddies handing out hundred-dollar bills to fast-food drive-through workers in the Houston area.

Warning: Videos contains strong language.

“Breg and the boys are on the move. We will be driving around Houston, leaving a little tip for some drive-thru workers,” he teased at the top of the video. “Stay tuned.”

The video starts with Bregman and his friend ordering water at Jack in the Box, only to soon surprise the employee at the window with a crisp C-note.

Another employee at a separate restaurant beams from ear to ear when presented with the cash, questioning whether it’s “fake.”

“It ain’t fake!” Bregman’s friend yells from the passenger seat

Bregman’s most generous tip comes near the end of the video while ordering at a KFC. After asking how many workers were in the restaurant at the time, Bregman handed the drive-thru worker $700 in hundred-dollar bills — one for each employee on-duty.

Man this is just a dope ass story, salute to you Mr. Bregman…imagine being the kid that called out that day or switched shifts with someone and you find out all over Facebook and social media that all your coworkers basically got Christmas bonuses besides you…that one would sting a little bit…just a tad.

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