News – “Dallas Man’s Christmas Eve Carjacking Spree Involved Demanding Tacos at Gunpoint”

nbcdfw.comA Dallas man spent Christmas Eve attempting to carjack drivers at gunpoint and demanding they take him to get tacos, police say.

Roberto A. Canamar Garza, 26, was arrested on four counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and one count of aggravated kidnapping.

Dallas Man's Christmas Eve Carjacking Spree Involved Demanding Tacos at Gunpoint

According to an arrest-warrant affidavit, he started his afternoon crime spree by jumping into a vehicle, brandishing a handgun and demanding the driver take him to get tacos. Fearing for his life, the driver dropped Canamar Garza off at a tire shop in the 3500 block of East Illinois Avenue and drove away.

Getting a gun pointed at you is terrifying…getting that gun pointed at you and getting told to take the assailant to get tacos is a welcome surprise…my twitter name is “Throw me some tacos” for a reason, I think they’re the perfect food and I can basically eat them all day everyday…so with that being said this is another case of having to hear both sides because I would have told Roberto “Buddy you can put the gun away, you just made my day…lets go eat man”

That’s just me though.

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