Sounds Like The Winter Classic at Notre Dame Stadium Ran Out of Food and Beer

ftw.usatoday.comFrom the outside, the 2019 NHL Winter Classic at Notre Dame Stadium looked like a flawless affair. The Chicago Blackhawks and Boston Bruins put on a tight, well-played hockey game in an incredible outdoor setting. But, inside the stadium, discontent was brewing among cold, sober fans as food and beer became sparse early in the game.

As first noticed by CBS Sports, spectators took to Twitter to complain that the stadium, which was filled to capacity with a sold out crowd of 76,126, was running out of food and beer as early as the first intermission.

This sounds like a special kind of hell…cold, hungry and sober. I shuttered just typing that honestly, and I thought it was in the hockey rule book that all fans had to have a tall beer in there hands at all times while the game is being played. I get that college games don’t serve alcohol and what not but this was a NHL game and a pretty damn big one at that. So no real excuse for this to happen besides not being prepared, i’m really really surprised that a riot didn’t break out.

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