Florida Men Steal $500,000 truckload of tequila

wdsu.comSheriff’s deputies in Florida have recovered a half-million dollar truckload of stolen tequila.

A truck driver hauling the load of tequila had stopped for dinner Sunday night at a Tampa area truck stop when he noticed the trailer was no longer attached to his truck, Hillsborough Sheriff’s spokesman Danny Alvarez said in a statement.

Deputies began searching and found the semitrailer at a nearby intersection. Alvarez said deputies watched four men transferring cases of Patron tequila to another box truck.

He said that before the deputies moved in, the men had transferred more than 20 cases from the fully loaded truck.

Authorities arrested three men at the scene and the fourth fled but was arrested a short time later.

Our first Florida headline of 2019! It’s actually pretty tame compared to some of the others we’ve blogged in the past but it’s still a wtf headline nonetheless. I love that they had a whole operation going with multiple trucks and locations, that means they were clocking the drivers moves the whole time on some Oceans 11 shit. My main question I need answered though is…is there a black market for tequila that I don’t know about or were these dudes about to throw the illest party in Tampa…these are important questions.

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