Melissa McCarthy Handed Out Ham Sandwiches at The Golden Globes – Stars at the Golden Globes often get hungry, as they eat early in the event.

With this in mind, Melissa McCarthy smuggled in 40 ham-and-cheese sandwiches.

She handed them out to fellow attendees, who were extremely grateful for the sustenance.

Feeling hungry but not being able to eat is highly unpleasant, but luckily, Melissa McCarthy planned ahead for the 76th annual Golden Globes.

At the event, held at The Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, California, on Sunday, the actor smuggled in 40 ham-and-cheese sandwiches, which she secretly handed out to hungry stars over the course of the night.

Guests at the awards ceremony often end up with rumbling stomachs because dinner is served early, before the evening’s televised program, to avoid any clinking-cutlery sounds during the broadcast.

Fortunately, McCarthy had the foresight to sneak in the emergency snacks.

“I’ve been handing them out to everyone,” she told Variety. “Next year, I’m bringing hot dogs.”

Not all heros wear capes, some of them smuggle ham sandwiches into award ceremonies. I’ve done this before actually…obviously not on the scale of anything like the Golden Globes but still you get the point. My smuggle mission went down at a high school football award banquet and instead of ham sandwiches I was passing out White Castle sliders to my hungry teammates. Salute to you Melissa for thinking about the people.

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