Drunk man gets into fight after getting Philly cheesesteak with a sesame seed bun

wtsp.comOdessa, Fla. — A man was arrested after deputies say he got into a drunken altercation over a sandwich.

Pasco County Sheriff’s Office deputies say Joseph Lagana, 27, got upset after getting a sesame seed bun on a Philly cheesesteak sandwich. Deputies said Lagana began arguing with the cashier and then got into a fight with a man who deputies say didn’t want to press charges for battery.

When talking with Lagana, deputies say he was being loud and argumentative with people at the flea market on Gunn Highway. Deputies said he appeared heavily intoxicated because of his slurred speech.

The owner of the flea market told deputies Lagana’s behavior was causing a public disturbance.

Lagana was charged with disorderly intoxication.

Our homie Marilyn aka PhillyGrub said it best on Twitter yesterday, god forbid this dude walks into Donkey’s…he might try and fight all of South Jersey.

You definitely gotta here both sides though…have you ever been intoxicated, had the perfect meal in my mind and then have those dreams destroyed because someone messed up your order?? It’s devastating and I may not get violent over it by I can kinda see why it happens. BTW we might have to just give Florida their own section on the blog because good lord.

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