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Rooms, puzzles and death oh my! The creativity that was brought to the world in the likes of The Game, Cube and Saw have set mold to what the future could hold. Can they be topped? Well THE GAME was 1 and done it made a statement and did it’s job. When we talk cube, it brought a different element to the genre and upped the ante of smart rubiks. Then in 2004 we were introduced to the great mind behind SAW, the start of torture classics! Who could dethrone this king? It took us to the top of the pinnacle, around the loops where we had to take one and place it in front of another and so forth to figure out the story and then -boom!!!!!! As with any great thing, if there is too much of it it becomes bad. That’s what happened to the saw series it got watered down and played out! Too many and you can only continue to do the same thing so many times. Well it’s a new day and I guess January 2019 is ready to play hardball. Let’s reintroduce if saw and cube had a baby we will call her ESCAPE ROOM! Yes what a refreshing start to the new year! 

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        From director Adam Robitel, who’s had his hands in big name productions such as insidious and paranormal activity comes the new look on puzzles and what everyone around the world is attempting to conquer themselves “ESCAPE ROOM”! Put together with a young all star cast, this movie brought suspense, terror and The Who done it and the why??? Like the classic game of CLUE! Not overly predictable and the backstories of each character was well explained which makes this movie complete. Not a ton of gore and no torture for you with the faint of heart, so ladies you will enjoy this as well. From the start until the last minute this movie will keep you guessing. Some of the effects were a little cheesy but, the rooms were amazing and they all served a major purpose to the Why! 

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      I’m giving this movie a solid 4.0 the grill is hot and the temp is right so the burgers are good for the eating. Great entertainment value, keeps you guessing and a good storyline provides for a good movie! Check it out and see if you’re ready for the challenge. Come back to me THE MOVIE MAN and let me know your thoughts. Keep it locked to JustFilms and Justgrubbin for everything you need food and entertainment… and always remember you better keep it grubbin!!!! 

**Burgers: 5.0**

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