Philadelphia Shake Shacks are giving discounts this week in honor of the “Double Doink”

Wpst.comThe “Doink Doink” or “Double Doink” kick during Sunday’s Eagles/Bears game can help you save money on your next burger (or order of fries).

Now the kick is saving all of us money at area Shake Shack locations. That’s another win for in Philly in my book, right?

Now through Sunday, January 13th you can save three dollars on your next order from the popular burger chain. All you have to do is place your order through the Shake Shack app and use the promo code: doinkdoink

I saw this story on Philly Voice and I thought the discount code was only good for Philadelphia area Shake Shacks, but it may open to all in the Tri-State area. To see if it worked for other locations, a coworker and I ordered from a Shake Shack outside of Philly and it accepted it. So feel free to use “doinkdoink” and save on your next order.

That’s a dope promotion especially since we all know that a burger, fries and drink from Shake Shack basically is the same as a car payment HOWEVER the main reason I really wanted to blog this was because it gave me the excuse to watch this video another 100 times.

Bruh that is so funny that it feels like it was scripted..the hands up, the bears face and the feet in the air to finish it all as he or she collapses to the ground…just comedy gold.

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