Long Ireland’s Pintwood Derby: Winter Edition- Riverhead, NY: January 26th, 2019

Long Ireland’s PINTWOOD DERBY: Winter Edition

January 26, 2019
Car Registration 1:30PM – 3:30PM
First Race Starts at 4PM

Long Ireland Beer Company
817 Pulaski St, Riverhead, NY 11901

This is a 21+ event.

…and get ready for some fun! Long Island’s PINTWOOD DERBY: Winter Edition will be held at Long Ireland Beer Co. (Riverhead) on January 26th. The event will begin at 4:00pm with a Competitor Check In starting at 1:30pm. This is a 21+ event.

Climb up into the attic and dust off your old pinewood car or come on down and show off your 7th grade woodshop skills…either way, join us for a good old-fashioned derby race where local craft beer lovers will compete for trophies, cash prizes, and the greatest prize of all…bragging rights!

Not a racer? Come on down anyway – no ticket required! Come cheer on your friends with a beer in your hand (pay as you go).

The event will follow the traditional pinewood car derby rules and will be run on an official derby track. Advanced registration is required, click here to register or head on down to the Long Ireland Beer Co. to register in person (817 Pulaski Street in Riverhead, NY 11901) (during regular tasting room hours Mon – Fri: 3pm to 8pm; Sat & Sun 12pm to 7pm).

Registration Class (Spots are limited. Register early!):

• 5 oz. Class: Open to anyone, 21+. Must adhere to governing laws outlined in the Official Rules for the 5 oz. Class.

• Outlaw Class: Open to anyone, 21+. Must adhere to governing laws outlined in the Official Rules for the Outlaw Class.

How To Register:

Create a team car or fly solo…even If you have no skills at all, that’s ok too, it’s easy to build a race car.

Need a car kit?

  1. AT THE BREWERY: Basic car kits ($5) are available at the Long Ireland Brewing Co. tasting room (during regular tasting room hours Mon – Fri: 3pm to 8pm; Sat & Sun 12pm to 7pm). While supplies last.
  2. VISIT your local hobby or craft store.

Spectators (Cheering section):

Don’t have a car, but want to come cheer on your friend…Come on down!
Admission fee: $0 (No Cover)
Purchase option: Pay as you go beers.

All competitors and spectators can enjoy the fresh, authentic flavors of Mexico from local food vendor, Mattitaco. PAYG for “whaley good tacos” and more.


How do I register for this event?

Click here to register your car.

Are there rules that participants must follow to qualify for the derby?

Yes, Click here to see the rules for building your car.

I registered and now I can’t find my confirmation/can’t print it, what do I do?

If you registered your car online and are in need of assistance, call 631-940-7290.

Can I use a derby car that I made when I was younger?

Yes! Repeats and repaints are permitted.

I need to get a kit to make my car, where can I get one?

AT THE BREWERY: Basic car kits ($5) are available at the Long Ireland Brewing Co. tasting room (during regular tasting room hours Mon – Fri: 3 to 7pm; Sat & Sun 1 to 6pm).

VISIT your local hobby or craft store

Is there a fee to participate?

Yes, click here to see registration fees.

What are the Registration Classes?

There are two classes available 5 oz. Class and Outlaw Class Open to anyone, 21+. Click here to see the rules

Is there an age limit to get into the show?

No one under the age of 21 will be allowed to race in the derby. No one will be allowed to race without a valid photo ID (no exceptions). Proper identification is the responsibility of the attendee. Failure to present proper, valid photo identification (driver’s license or passport) will result in denial of entry with no refund offered.All spectators are welcome.

Do I need to be there when my car is racing?

You or a representative must be present during the event.

Can I send my submission in if I cannot make it that day?

NO. If you cannot make it to the races you may send a representative in your place, but someone must be present during the race.

Is The Event Indoors or Outdoors?

The races will be taking place inside the brewery. The event is rain, snow or shine.

Will Food be Available?

Food will be available for sale.

What time does the event start?

Pre-registered competitors will register their cars from 1:30pm-3:30pm, first race scheduled for 4:00 pm.

What will I win?

Trophies will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers in the 5 oz. class and 1st place finisher in the outlaw class.

Where is the brewery located?

The Long Ireland Beer Co. is located at 817 Pulaski Street, Riverhead, NY 11901. Click here for directions

Is there parking at Long Ireland Brewery?

Yes, but parking is extremely limited.

Will the tasting room be serving beer?

Yes, the tasting room will be serving beer and if you are a pre-registered competitor you will get a wristband good for $1 off pints all day. Spectators are pay as you go.

Do I need a ticket to just come and watch?

No, there is no fee to come and watch the derby. Food and beer will be for sale, PAYG.

Is smoking permitted at the festival?

There will be a designated smoking area outside the venue.

Is there an ATM at the brewery?

No, there is no ATM on site.



Long Ireland Beer Co.
January 26th, 2019
Car Registration 1:30PM – 3:30PM
First Race Starts at 4PM

All registrations must be done in advance!

Register Online:
$20 includes one car entry (4 races), Pintwood Derby Pint Glass and $1 dollar off all pints on event day. Additional cars are $10 each. Price does not include car. Online registration closes on Thursday 1/25/19.

Official Rules


1.1 In order to race at the PINTWOOD DERBY, you must satisfy these requirements:

– You must be 21 years of age or older.
– No one under the age of 21 will be admitted into race area.

1.2 It will be much more fun if you build a car from scratch for this event, using one of the Pinewood/Pinecar Derby kits, but you may enter a previously raced car. REPEATS and/or REPAINTS allowed.

1.3 The car may not be sent to third party facilities for tuning or other performance enhancements.

5oz. Class


2.1 The main body structure must be made of wood. The car design may be enhanced by the addition of other stable materials such as plastic or metal. Any additions must be firmly attached and meet car size specifications.

2.2 The car must meet the following specifications:

2.2.1 Width: not to exceed 2 3/4 inches

2.2.2 Length: not to exceed 7 inches

2.2.3 Weight: not to exceed 5.0 ounces on a scale accurate to 1/10 ounce

2.2.4 Height: not to exceed 3 inches

2.2.5 Clearance: The wheels are the only part of the car allowed to touch the track.

2.3 Wheelbase: the distance between the center of the front and rear wheel must be no less than 4 inches.

2.4 Front: the front edge of the car must be no more than 1 inch above the wheel lane of the track and be at least ½ inch wide at the center of the car.

2.5 When placed in the starting position, no part of the car may protrude beyond the starting pin.

2.6 At least 4 wheels must be attached to the sides of the car body. Each wheel must be attached to the car with a legal axle.

Although at least 4 wheels are required, it is not required that all 4 wheels touch the track surface. It can actually be difficult to get all 4 of the wheels to touch. Most of the fastest cars have one front wheel raised slightly and not touching.

2.7 Each attached wheel must not be angled more than 15 degrees from vertical.

2.8 The front most and rear most wheels must be positioned across the body from one another.

2.9 The complete inside and outside lettering of each wheel must be visible when the wheel is attached to the body.

2.10 The following items are prohibited:

1. Springs
2. Starting devices or propellants
3. Electronic or lighting devices that interfere with the race electronics.
4. Liquids, wet paint, oil, sticky substance, or powders of any kind (other than axle lubrication)
5. Glass or excessively fragile parts
6. Bearings and or bushings
7. Loose objects on car

Washers/body treatments to help reduce friction ARE permitted. Washers may be between the body and the wheel, and the wheel and the axle head.


3.1 All lettering and numbering, both inside and outside of the wheel, must remain complete and be visible with the wheel on the car.

3.2 The fluting, spokes and other markings on the outside wheel area must remain visible. (“Fluting” refers to the small bumps on the outside edge of the tread.)

3.3 The wheel diameter must be no less than 1.16 inches.

3.4 The tread surface width must be no less than 7.5 mm.

3.5 The tread surface must be flat and parallel to the wheel bore. Therefore, the following modifications are prohibited:

1. Rounding of the tread surface
2. Grooving, H cutting, or V cutting the tread surface

3.6 The following wheel modifications are prohibited:

1. Removing material from the inside tread surface or the inside sidewall surface
2. Filling wheel surface with any type of material
3. Filling the wheel bores and re-drilling the bore

NOTE: Some online vendors sell aftermarket BSA wheels that have been lightened by removing material from inside the wheel surfaces. Per rule 3.7, these wheels are NOT allowed and are easily recognized at inspection. Cars with these wheels will NOT be permitted to race. If you plan to use aftermarket wheels, confirm with the vendor that no weight is removed from inside the wheel.


4.1 Metal Axles with a nail head are required with an overall diameter of no less than .084 inches. An axle may not extend more than .75 inches (¾”) into the car body.


5.1 Over application of lubricant, which results in excessive shedding onto the track is not allowed.

Lubricants you may use include but are not limited to: Graphite, Teflon, Nyoil, and Krytox.
We encourage you to use VERY SMALL AMOUNTS of oil based lubricants such Krytox 100 over graphite because it does not damage the car’s paint and generally promotes a cleaner and safer work and race area. You can find information regarding the most effective use of Krytox 100 online and through workshop participation.


6.1 Lead (Pb) weight, if used, must be completely sealed and safe from all possible contact.

6.2 Drilling/Removal of lead weight is not allowed at the race or check-in venue.


7.1 Each car must pass inspection by the Official Inspection Committee before it may compete. The inspectors will disqualify any car not meeting these rules. The decisions of the Inspectors, as communicated to the Race Committee Chairperson, are final.

7.2 After a car has passed inspection, only race officials may handle the car.

7.3 After check-in, car repairs are not allowed unless authorized by the race officials.

7.4 Good sportsmanship and behavior is expected. Race officials may ask anyone not following this rule to leave.


5 oz. Class: Open to anyone, 21+. Must adhere to governing laws outlined in the Official Rules.

Outlaw Class

1. CAR BODY ( the wooden/material structure that holds the weight, axles and other add ons)/ Total Car Dimensions

Wheel Base : Any as long as wheels do not exceed the 7″ total length requirement
Total Car Height : Not to exceed 3″ inches…
Total Car Length : Not to exceed 7″ inches…
Total Car Width : Not to exceed 2-3/4″ inches…
Total Car Weight : Not to exceed 10.0 ounces (+.04) or 143 grams even measured on 1/10th digital scale

Track Center Rail Height : 1/4″ inch ( 7mm ) *

Track Center Rail Width : 1 5/8″ inches (4.2 cm) *

* Wheels must clear the outside to outside center rail width measurement





a. No greater than 31mm wheel diameter

(Wheels will be checked with digital calipers if needed)

The following Modifications are not allowed
a. Starting or finish line devices
b. Electronic or lighting devices
c. Glass or extremely fragile parts
d. Paint that is wet, smudges or extremely sticky
e. Sharp objects, sandpaper or abrasives on the bottom of car (We do not want any damage to the rubber stopping pads)
f. Axles and/or wheels attached to any device that mechanically alters rotation and/or spin
g. Propellants
h. Any part of the car to go beyond the starting peg (Red Zone)

*subject to change


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