Lorenzo’s Cabana: Westville, NJ

You can listen to my review of Lorenzo’s Cabana on Episode 39 of the Just Grubbin podcast at 5:51. Like I said on there, it’s the epitome of a mom and pop establishment and I would highly recommend it for anyone that enjoys authentic Mexican and Puerto Rican food. I give them a solid 4.8 out of 5…their tacos especially the shrimp are some of the best around. The cheesesteak empanada was so delicious that I got angry that I didn’t discover this place earlier.

Fish tacos
Shrimp Tacos
Steak and Chorizo Tacos
Fish and Steak Tacos
Cheesesteak and Shrimp empanada
Pernil and rice….soooo good
Shrimp, cheesesteak and Cuban empanadas
Shrimp tacos
Banging cheesesteak

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