Woman pulls out gun after Church’s Chicken got her order wrong

Foxnews.comA Louisiana woman was arrested after allegedly brandishing a gun and vandalizing a Church’s Chicken fast food restaurant after her order wasn’t correct.

Vilette Hammond was arrested after she allegedly brandished a gun and vandalized a Church's Chicken after the Louisiana restaurant got her order wrong.

Vilette Hammond, 31, reportedly became irate after the Church’s Chicken in Terrytown, Louisiana, didn’t get her order right and she was denied a refund when she returned to the fast food joint the next day without a receipt, Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office spokesman Capt. Jason Rivarde told The Times-Picayune.

Hammond allegedly confronted the female employee who took her order and started a fight Tuesday. Other employees managed to break up the fight and locked Hammond out of the restaurant, officials said.

However, Hammond’s belongings, including her wallet, were still inside the restaurant. When employees refused to let her back inside, Hammond allegedly retrieved a blue gun from her car and broke the drive-thru window, accordiing to The Times-Picayune.

I’ve said it over and over again on here in previous posts…i’m all about hearing both sides but guns and other weapons should never be brandished. Guys I beg of you..whenever your order is wrong or they completely fucked it up..do what normal people do and just complain to management and get free food. Violence is never the answer, unless they forgot your hot sauce …apparently then its a little bit reasonable I guess. I’m joking.. all you people that get irrationally mad at stuff like this need therapy and I’m willing to teach this class for a low low fee.

You guys know we believe in the concept of having to hear both sides by now so let me just say….if someone comes in your food establishment looking like Beanie Sigel…you should probably make sure you get their order right…just saying.

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