Ex-Worker Sues Delaware KFCs Because It Was Difficult for Her to Breastfeed

nbcphiladelphia.comA former Kentucky Fried Chicken worker is suing two Delaware franchises she says made it difficult to pump breast milk during work, leading to her being unable to breastfeed.

The Wilmington News Journal reportsAutumn Lampkins’ lawsuit accuses stores in Camden and Dover of making the task so difficult that her milk supply dried up.

The lawsuit says Lampkin’s was often unable to pump when needed and windows, unlocked doors and cameras stripped her privacy when she was able to pump. It says she was hired a few months before giving birth and was able to pump about once during each 10-hour training shift.

Just when you think you’ve seen and heard it all, Lauren finds something out of the blue that hits Home. No, not because I too am a breast feeding employee of KFC, but the locations of this story are very dear to my heart, especially the Dover location. Being a Dover resident for 4.5 years while attending college there, I have more than likely frequented the Dover location. Now it doesn’t say where it was but if it’s the one located on route 8, then I’ve had some good meals there. 

Aaaannnyyyywaaayy, I’m kinda rooting for home girl in this case. I have 0 issues with breast feeding and if you do, well, grow up. It’s natural as mammals to suck from the teet, so get over it. I do not have a set of tits. But I’ve seen enough and read enough to know if those bad boys don’t get pumped or fed from, they hurt like hell, and for her to go 10 hours with out pumping or letting the baby feed, then those kfc’s can go play in traffic. I’m rootin for ya autumn!! #titsoutforautumn 

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