Waffle House employee recorded pouring food on a passed out customer and using him as puppet

foxnews.comWaffle House is currently investigating after employees were recorded pouring food on a passed-out customer and then propping him up and using him like a puppet, video shared with WSB-TV shows.

The incident took place at the Lithonia, Ga., location last week, when a reportedly drunk customer came in and fell asleep on the restaurant counter.

At least two employees are seen pouring salt, ketchup and placing a piece of cheese on the back of the passed-out man’s head. At another point in the video, a reported employee grabs hold of the customer’s arms and props him up, making it appear as if he was dancing.

According to WSB-TV, the customer had no idea what had happened until the video started making the rounds on social media.

“He went to go and get his head together, get his mind straight,” his fianceé said to WSB-TV. “He passed out during that time and they took advantage of him.”

The outlet reported that once the unidentified man woke up, he ordered food, paid and walked home.

If I said it once I’ve said it 1,000,000x nothing good is happening at a Waffle House from the hours of OPEN-CLOSE (and yes I know those aren’t “Actual” hours). First off the employee that put the salt, cheese, & ketchup on the customers head obviously doesn’t work there often because the layering of those ingredients was piss poor. And the squirting of the ketchup was even worse. Second, gold watches are pretty common now & that one could’ve been fake but by the looks of his watch I’m quite sure that WH employee has another “Side Business” other than flipping pancakes or flapjacks as some of you SAVAGES like to call them. Third that Weekend At Bernie’s Thing was childish. Not saying that if I was in that situation I wouldn’t have done the same thing, just saying if I was in that situation my Weekend At Bernie’s shit would’ve been better than that BS. 

NOW not to put all the blame on the employees the customer should’ve known better his damn self. I don’t know any MF that says “shit I gotta clear my mind & Get myself together. What can I do & Where should I go? BINGO, I’m gonna get wet (Drunk) then slither into a Waffle House solo dolo.” SHIT JUST DON’T HAPPEN! That MF knew better than that. You in the South, late night, at a Waffle House, solo dolo & wet (Drunk). TF did you think was gonna happen? Now it wasn’t right & I wouldn’t want that to happen to me but I also wouldn’t put myself in that dumbass situation. 

But I’m also not done with Waffle House because of this quote from their spokesperson Pat Warner “Their actions in no way represent our company or our thousands of Associates who strive to provide our customers with a positive experience daily.” All I have to say to that is

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Those actions are EXACTLY what I would expect from a Waffle House employee. Actually they were underachieving what I would expect from a Waffle House employee in that situation. They are actually getting off pretty easily because doing that down south to the wrong person & that whole restaurant might get shot up the next night. 

But I’ve spent enough of my lunch (Naptime) discussing this foolishness. So I say all of that to say this…… STAY TF AWAY FROM ANY WAFFLE HOUSE IF YOU HAVE ANY SENSE! *Merry New Yr Terry Bollea*

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