American Exchange Students in Italy Start Fire by Cooking Pasta Without Water

munchies.vice.comOn its website, Allstate Insurance has compiled a list of fire safety tips for college students and, unsurprisingly, that includes some suggestions on how not to burn the dorm to the ground while they’re making dinner. Allstate recommends that students stay in the kitchen when they’re cooking, that they ensure that their cookware is microwave-safe, and that they don’t put oven mitts on the burner beside whatever’s cooking. The company didn’t think to mention, “Add water when you make spaghetti, because otherwise, you could incinerate your kitchen,” probably because they assumed that no one was that stupid. But three American students studying in Italy basically said, “Hold my birra.”

According to Italian newspaper La Nazione, three 20-year-olds bought some pasta and took it back to their apartment in Florence, with high hopes for an authentic Italian dinner. But instead of boiling several quarts of water before adding the pasta—you know, step one on every set of back-of-the-box instructions ever—they emptied the dry noodles directly into the pot. (Sigh…)

Because spaghetti isn’t meant to be seared, it caught on fire immediately. And because people who don’t understand how to fix pasta also don’t know what to do with stovetop flames, the students had to call the fire department.

Wow just when I thought the rest of the world couldn’t laugh at us anymore we go and send over our countries future and they do this. Simply put this is one of the dumbest things I’ve read in a long long time. Like how did all 3 of these kids have no idea how to fucking boil pasta?! Even if you never made pasta before the got damn instructions are on the box. The future is very bright yall.

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