Prison Guard Fired For Impersonating a Police Officer to Get a Big Mac Meal Discount casual prison guard who impersonated a police officer for a discount on his Big Mac meal and 24 chicken nuggets has had his charges dismissed.

Lawrence O’Driscoll-Faitaua, 43, pleaded guilty in Waverley Local Court on Tuesday to impersonating a police officer to obtain a $10.53 discount.

The Maroubra man, who worked as a casual prison guard at the Sydney Police Centre in Surry Hills, admitted to showing his ID card reading “NSW Police – External Contractor” to the drive-through staff at Kingsford on January 29.

When questioned by staff, Mr O’Driscoll-Faitaua said it was his “off-duty badge” and he worked at Surry Hills police station.Advertisement

Staff photographed the ING bank card he used to pay and reported the incident to the Eastern Beaches Local Area Command.

According to agreed police facts, Mr O’Driscoll-Faitaua was easily identifiable in the CCTV footage which showed both his face and his “distinctive” full-arm sleeve tattoo.

Mr O’Driscoll-Faitaua was arrested when he returned to work on New Year’s Eve by the Corrective Services Investigation Unit, and told investigators that it was “common practice” among guards to impersonate police officers to receive a discount.

Gotta hear both sides on this one folks. You can’t be the ONLY prison guard NOT getting a discounted Big Mac and nuggets, that’s just un-american. Nah but I was cracking up laughing when I first read this when he immediately just started snitching. My man was like “Whoa whoa whoa I wasn’t the only one getting down on this McHustle, and I DEFINITELY ain’t going down alone!”

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