What are we doing people: Jersey restaurant now selling gender reveal lasagna

nj.comGender reveal parties are either the scourge of the prenatal period or the toast of your family and friends, depending upon who you ask.

For anyone who somehow hasn’t been exposed to this curiosity, gender reveal celebrations usually announce a baby’s sex using pink or blue balloons, cake, smoke, or some other pink and blue-themed enterprise. The parents-to-be cut into, unveil or somehow release said color and everyone claps. (Yes, this is on top of the baby shower, which comes later.)

Enter lasagna.

Villa Italian Kitchen, a pizza and pasta chain with locations across New Jersey, is now selling everything you need if you would like to eschew balloons and smoke-filled baseballs for layered pasta and ricotta cheese.

“Available now, the Gender Reveal Lasagna Catering Package features one cheese lasagna with a secret pink or blue interior, a tray of Villa Italian Kitchen’s famed garlic rolls and a choice of either a garden, Caesar or Greek salad,” the chain’s press release tells us.

We are nearing the end as a society folks, government shutdowns, wall talk, nazis waking around in 2019 and now…now we have gender reveal lasagna. I already thought the whole gender reveal thing trend was getting out of hand and just flat out annoying but this…this takes the cake. I want you guys to say this out loud…Gender Reveal Lasagna.

You felt like a jackass just saying it didn’t you?

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