Movie Reviews with Tim: Mary Poppins Returns

 Disney, the name of magic and dreams. Timeless classics and the beauty of storytelling. How about the return of an angel. Yes, she’s back!!! MARY POPPINS RETURNS. Recreating the magic of a classic 1964 beauty of the worlds best nanny Mary Poppins is back on the silver screen! The role brought back to life by none other than the magnificent Emily Blunt, owned and renewed and yet in her own right. She definitely is the new queen of nannies! 

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     Returning to the home “that she built” Mary Poppins returns to save the day. Picking up in the lives of Michael and Jane Banks, the magic is set to renew upon Michael’s children and what it takes to keep the family’s house. A beautiful movie, not as swell and forever memorable as the original but this has character of its own. Awesome cinematography and eye popping art/ visual effects, the return exudes beauty. A well deserved 4.0 just grubbin burgers sprinkled with the magic of Disney the movie had flair but lacked the “umph” to meet its predecessors timeless class! Great creative songs but again not as memorable as the original. Definitely go and see the movie renew some magic within this new age! Come back to me THE MOVIE MAN and let me know your thoughts. Keep it locked to JustFilms and JustGrubbin for everything you need food and entertainment! Always remember to keep it grubbin.

**Burgers: 4.0**

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