Because Florida: Florida Man took a grenade to Taco Bell (CNN)A Florida man made an explosive discovery Saturday while magnet fishing.While using a magnet to search water for salvage items, the fisherman pulled up a World War II hand grenade, according to police in Ocala, Florida, about 80 miles northwest of Orlando.

The fisherman threw the grenade in his trunk and drove to a Taco Bell, where he called police. The Taco Bell was evacuated, police said, but was reopened later that day.Ocala police later verified on their Facebook page the device was a WWII hand grenade and a bomb squad had removed the device without incident.

Ahhh, another FLORIDA MAN story. Sorry for all the Florida viewers out there, but y’all on some different shit. I understand the $2 dollar burrito combo is a high priority after a day of magnet fishing, but lets use our heads a little bit and report this GRENADE before closing down the local Taco Bell, and ruining our $2 burrito cravings. I am super glad no one was injured during this incident, but there’s no reason this should have been thing. 

Keep doing your thing Florida. We appreciate ya. 

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