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Whip out the Volkswagen Beetle, dust it off, yes- the 80’s have returned!! The unsung hero is back- not in a cape but in the likes of a transformer… BUMBLEBEE is triumphant! Superb action packed fun that truly escapes itself from the five previous titles from director Michael Bay. BUMBLEBEE definitely lives up to being one of the best of the transformers series and in my opinion right behind the first movie that came out in 2007. How does Bumblebee differ from its predecessors? Well let the story explain! It is mentioned in detail from its origin plot how Bumblebee came to be on Earth and new characters like Charlie (Hailee Steinfeld) a teenager who is feeling a little lost after her father has passed, and has the feeling of an outsider to her family. But my does her life change….. 

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      With a coming of age concept, deep emotional connections with the main characters and Bumblebee you can feel the pure and raw emotions when he transforms in front of Charlie. Pretty much what the previous Transformers films were missing. The new direction from Travis Knight brought the feeling and the films setting in the classic times of the 1980s. Great music soundtrack, and hitting every avenue with the pop culture, bands, movies, and so on he nailed it and its authenticity. The action sequences are a little in between in the movie. It is not a huge massive blockbuster budget like Bay’s films, but there is fast editing cut action throughout. I will say that Travis Knight kept his action a little more still with the camera movements, and within the editing but it was so nostalgic that within itself it is still big, and loud plus all of the visual effects are still AMAZING!!!!!

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    Overall, Bumblebee is a great film. A good 4.6 smash and not pass hot off the grill burgers, and sides to go with it let’s eat em up! The action and visual effects are awesome. The story is what matters the most and it didn’t fail especially as it built emotional depth with Bumblebee and Charlie. This film sticks out from the rest of the movies for the better. So get your butts to the theater and check it out. Come back to me THE MOVIE MAN and let me know your thoughts. Keep it locked to JustFilms and Justgrubbin for everything you need food and entertainment. And always remember to keep it grubbin!

**Burgers: 4.6**

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