Pork Assault: Florida woman arrested after throwing a frozen pork chop at boyfriend because…Florida

fox29.com(FOX NEWS) – A Florida woman was arrested after she allegedly got into a bizarre fight with her boyfriend, ultimately hurling a frozen pork chop at him.


Jennifer Brassard, 48, and the boyfriend got into the spat around 9:45 p.m. on Friday in Brooksville, north of Tampa, WFLA reported. The fight escalated before Brassard allegedly threw the meat at her beau.

The pork chop hit the man in the face, and left a half-inch cut on his eyebrow, investigators said. Other circumstances surrounding the fight were unclear.

So I guess Florida woman had to give Florida man a break, huh? Number 1, what makes you so angry that you throw a frozen pork chop at a person you love. Number 2, why was she so deadly accurate with it? Number 3, why is there even a frozen pork chop in her hand? Number 4, pork chops are delicious… why would you turn something so filling into a weapon? And Number 5… WHAT THE F*CK IS IN THE WATER IN FLORIDA?! On God, they be WYLIN! 

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