Gotta Hear Both Sides: Thief can’t open fast-food cash register, so does next best thing…steals fried chicken instead

nypost.comNEW ORLEANS — Police say a man entered a fast-food restaurant and tried to swipe some cash but couldn’t open the register, so he made off with some fried chicken instead.

Phillip Lee Times-Picayune reports the man entered the Popeyes in eastern New Orleans on Monday morning and tried to steal money from the register. But police say the register wouldn’t budge, so he grabbed some fried chicken and fled.

Police arrested 27-year-old Phillip Lee a short time later in the area. He faces charges of simple robbery and simple battery.

Magistrate Judge Brigid Collins set his bond at $13,500. It was unknown if he’s represented by an attorney who could comment on his case.

Listen man…i’m not condoning going around just robbing people all willy nilly but if you ever had Popeyes…ESPECIALLY fresh Popeyes than you definitely can feel Phillip on this one. Me personally, I wouldn’t have even bothered with the cash register…there’s usually only a couple 100 bucks in there anyway…I would have just filled up my duffle bag with spicy, some biscuits and a few containers of red beans and rice and woulda walked around the rest of the month like I just pulled off the heist of the year.

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