Everyone’s Worst Nightmare: Uber Eats Driver Accused of Eating A Customer’s Yams & Cornbread

kingofreads.comSay it ain’t so! Vanessa Harrell was expecting some food for the soul Thursday afternoon but that wasn’t before her Uber Eats delivery driver decided to have a taste test like she was at Sam’s Club.

Vanessa claims that her Uber Eats driver must have eaten some of the food as she posted on her Facebook page that some of the meat & yams were missing. She had ordered from the restaurant April’s Place in Lithia, Georgia before and had never had an issue until today. Her post has now received over 20,000 shares as showed a picture of her to empty struggle to go plate. She had this to say about the Soul Food bandit.

#Twahnica you should be ashamed of yourself. I would have given you the entire order if you told me you were hungry. Don’t do this to people.

I ordered #UberEats from the same restaurant that I’ve ordered from before and this time the new delivery driver ate my food… NEVER AGAIN. I called the restaurant and texted them this picture, the lady at the restaurant that made my food said, “the driver ate all of your meat and some of your yams too.”  MY TRUST IS GONE FOREVER

Okay so maybe this isn’t everyone’s worse nightmare but its definitely in my top 5 especially living in the Door Dash/Uber Eats era. Yes there’s worse things that could happen…like finding shitty draws mixed in with your sushi but still…you gotta be a real savage to deliver someones food and decide “Got damn i’m hungry…they won’t miss this scoop of yams”….on the other side…maybe this is the drivers whole hustle and how he eats…who knows anymore

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