There’s a Chuck E Cheese Pizza Conspiracy Making The Rounds

knoxnews.comKNOXVILLE — A viral conspiracy video offers up a hot one: That pizza on your table at Chuck E. Cheese might have been served to another customer first.

But of all the things parents might have to fear at the chain restaurant-arcade-playland — like, say, forgetting to bring ibuprofen or earplugs — being served “recycled” pizza isn’t one, according to local Chuck E. Cheese staff and Knox County Health Department.

Chuck E. Cheese in Brookfield

Chuck E. Cheese in Brookfield (Photo: FILE PHOTO)

 “We’ve never ‘recycled’ pizzas — never! — and I’ve been here 10 years,” said Trisha York, senior manager of Knoxville’s Chuck E. Cheese store at 8225 Kingston Pike. “We make them fresh to order.”

York said she’d not heard about YouTube personality Shane Dawson’s newest video in his “Conspiracy Theories” series, which posits that employees of the rat-turned-mouse are simply scooping up uneaten pizzas and re-serving them to unsuspecting patrons.

York said on a typical Saturday — the store’s busiest day — employees make and serve 270-350 large pizzas alone. Last Saturday, staff made 380 large pizzas, she said. York said the store doesn’t track the number of less-popular medium and personal-size pizzas but said the combined number made each day is roughly the same as the number of large pizzas.

Kennedy assassination, moon landing, 9/11, Chuck E. Cheese. The most famous conspiracy theories in United States history! 
Look, seeing as i haven’t been to Chuck E. Cheese in 29 years, I can’t weigh in on this topic. But after close examination of the pictures of these pizzas, I have come up with 2 conclusions. 
1. Every one who cuts the pizza at Chuck E. Cheese is high as fuck. 
2. These mother fuckers are reusing old left over pizza. 
I know both are scary accurate, but what can I say I’m really good at these conspiracy things! 
If it wasn’t really creepy for 5-9 30 something year old men to roll up to a Chuck E. Cheese I’d be down to investigate this further, but seeing as I’m not trying to go jail, id love to hear from people who have been to the rat palace recently and have possibly experienced this. 

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