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Before I get into this let me start by saying that James McAvoy is the man! Period!! Someone get a towel and a bucket of ice water because we need to cool this man down. Hands down performance of the year and as of 2018 with his performance in SPLIT he deserves all of the awards. So let me calm down with my supposed man crush, this movie “GLASS” was another gem and breath of fresh air to the start of 2019.

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      GLASS is an amazing and perfect finale of the Unbreakable trilogy series brought to the world by the great mind of M.Night Shyamalan.  It is undeniably advisable to watch and be aware of the first 2 installments of this trilogy, (UNBREAKABLE, SPLIT) because that way this movie can be fully appreciated or highly understood. The writing seemingly as always of Shyamalan is absolutely heads over hills commendable in this movie. With the essence of this new genre of movie series that he has created we see how it takes it’s best form in this movie. In GLASS shows us how A great mind very skillfully balances the portrayal of depicting the typical comic book genre of story telling, mixed with typical mystery thriller narration with the final distinctive signature style of Shyamalan of concluding with an uncommon yet alone an intriguing ending. You have to know the back stories of the previous two movies to understand the 3 characters, the ending and what’s to come…. maybe??? 

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      Someone is firing up the grille this year so I can say that the burgers are cooked well some come and get them a pure 4.8 of the best are fired up and ready to serve. Simply for those who are familiar with Shyamalan’s  other movies can relate to this. Pure thoughts, in a nutshell, all comic book fans and thriller movie seekers should definitely watch this movie for its realistic depiction and appeal and the super high entertainment value! You won’t be dissatisfied! As for the Remaining Shyamalan fans, you should rush to watch this movie to experience this awesome finale! Get to the theater ASAP and check this out Samuel L. Jackson and Bruce Willis are waiting! Lol. Come back to me THE MOVIE MAN and let me know your thoughts. Keep it locked to JustFilms and Justgrubbin for everything you need food and entertainment… we got you!! Keep it grubbing.

Burgers: 4.8

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