Movie Reviews with Tim: The Upside

     I’m literally standing and clapping my hands because I can’t believe it, 2019 is landing pure hits with the start of the new MOVIE year. Plus, I need to slap myself because I spoke too fast by not giving Kevin Hart props, the man can play a different role, we definitely get to see a more serious and light hearted side of him in the movie THE UPSIDE

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     I’m surprised I’m saying this, but I truly enjoyed this movie! THE UPSIDE was pretty damn good. Directed by Neil Burger, this well crafted script was straight forward and compelling. This movie being based on a true story didn’t take away from the originality of the movie at all! Nothing was over the top, which is great because nothing seemed to be added for a cheesy wow factor. The cinematography was extremely subtle, but it really set the mood and the perfect tone which lets us know exactly what and who we are trying to relate to. Bryan Cranston (Phillip Lacasse) captured his role and he did an amazing job conveying someone with an extreme disability. Partaking in attempting to live out his life as harmoniously as possible, while still anticipating the day it would all end. Exuberant!!!!! Kevin Hart (Dell Scott) can we just take a moment and talk about him please?? He did an amazing job, especially not being his normal comedic character! Instead, his humor brought the right laughs at the exact “right” time and he portrayed a serious side that brought emphasis on the drama of the situation. All a balancing act only capable of an actor who is either known for being funny or known for more serious rolls. Without that expectation of seeing one of the two element’s, the surprise of seeing the versatility of Kevin wouldn’t have been as mesmerizing as it was. Superb job man, keep it up.. and awards will be coming! 

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      After seeing THE UPSIDE my heart fully gives it a 4.6 that’s huge because I wasn’t going to give it a chance from the initial previews, but it got the JustFilms grille fired up and the burgers are ready to smash for this one. It speaks volumes, and I will definitely say go into this movie with an open mind  and light-heart it’s deep! Life is short and we must let the happy and good times out weigh whatever we think is bad! So put yourself in the characters shoes and ask yourself how would you feel. It’s seriously difficult to hate a movie that sparks so much emotion. Just keep in mind why you’re at the movies in the first place, to be submersed in a story. Not to necessarily relate to it entirely. Come back to me THE MOVIE MAN and let me know your thoughts.. keep it locked to JustFilms and Justgrubbin for everything you need food and entertainment. Always remember to keep it grubbin!

Burgers: 4.6

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