PrimoHoagies Celebrates National Potato Chip Day With the Launch of Italian Hoagie Flavored Potato Chips Thursday, March 14, 2019


Celebrates National Potato Chip Day with the launch of their unique Italian Hoagie flavored potato chips.

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Thursday, March 14, National Potato Chip Day

PrimoHoagies recently created their own brand of potato chips combining all of the delicious Italian hoagie flavor you’ve come to love in a Primo, with a classic, hearty potato chip. Add them onto a hoagie to maximize the flavor or enjoy them right out of the bag to get the authentic Primo hoagie flavor anytime, anywhere.

The chips were custom made for Primo’s after six months of research and culinary development.  The addictive flavor profile uses Italian hoagie spices with notes of sesame, and Primo’s signature meats and cheeses including prosciutto, provolone cheese, hot capicola and natural casing genoa salami.

On Super Bowl Sunday, the chips were launched “softly” in select PrimoHoagies locations. The chips are now available throughout the East Coast at numerous supermarkets, drug stores, convenience stores and independent liquor stores.  Locations include Acme, Shoprite, CVS, Redner’s, Rite Aid and more.

Chips are sold for $2.99 for a 6 ounce bags. The chips are gluten free and kosher.

PrimoHoagies opened its doors in 1992 on Ritner Street in South Philadelphia. The company quickly expanded and in 2004, began franchising. Today the company has over 85 stores throughout the East Coast from New Jersey to South Carolina, with three locations set to open in the next quarter. In 2017 Entrepreneur Magazine named PrimoHoagies “One of the Top 500 Franchises”. PrimoHoagies is headquartered in Westville, NJ. A non-profit charitable foundation, PrimoCares. provides financial assistance to children within the communities where PrimoHoagies stores are located. For more information about PrimoHoagies visit:

Gloss PR
705 Montgomery Avenue
Second Floor
Narberth, PA 19072

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