Texas Woman Suing Olive Garden For $1 Million Over Hot Stuffed Mushrooms

kmov.comFORT WORTH, Texas (KTVT) — A Texas woman filed a law suit against Olive Garden claiming she was burned by a piece of a stuffed mushroom that became stuck in her throat.

According to court records, Danny Howard filed the case March 8 in Tarrant County District Court.

Howard said that the restaurant did not make her aware that the mushrooms were extremely hot.

The court filing says Howard went to an Olive Garden in Tarrant County back on August 11, 2017 and ordered the stuffed mushroom appetizer. In the lawsuit, she claims that there was “no admonishment or warning” that the mushrooms “were particularly hot or carried the risk to cause severe burns.”

“Upon taking a bite out of one of the stuffed mushrooms, the mushroom immediately caused [Howard’s] mouth to begin burning,” read the statement.

She allegedly began to choke and was unable to breathe. Unable to speak, Howard said she “frantically shuffled through the restaurant in need of help” ultimately vomiting at kitchen station and “in the course dislodged the burning mushroom.”

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