Gotta Hear Both Sides: Woman pulls gun on Domino’s employees over missing wings

vt.coWe all get frustrated when we request pizza for delivery, only to crack open the box and discover that they totally screwed up the order. Maybe you wanted sausage, pepperoni and mushroom pizza, only to get stuck with plain cheese. Or maybe the meal was missing something, like a side order of breadsticks, soda or, worst of all, chicken wings.

Molly Webb's mug shot

Usually scorned customers call the store to complain or write a scathing online review, but one woman in St. Paul, Minnesota took her outrage to a whole new level. After noticing that her Domino’s order was missing chicken wings, 59-year-old Holly Webb was so upset that she drove to the location and pulled a handgun out on employees, according to  WCCO. She reportedly then demanded a “motherf***ing refund.” (Damn. Those chicken wings must be good.)

Man…. I feel her pain. Just imagine you been at work all day, boss on ya top, coworkers got you ready to throw hands, ya son English teacher called you and said he ain’t paying attention in class, and all you want is Domino’s Pizza and wings. You call and order the food for pick up… you go get it then get home and take your jacket and shoes off then sit down to get ya grub on and there’s no wings in the bag. Tell me that wouldn’t make you wanna go grab the strap.
I’m not condoning it… just saying that I understand

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