In “Nah” News: PBR to launch its own whiskey that’s “aged 5 seconds”

thetakeout.comUpdate, March 20, 2019: We discovered answers to outstanding questions we had about the PBR-branded whiskey in this Esquire Q&A with Matt Bruhn, the general manager of Pabst. We find a few of his comments strange—his assertion that people don’t value aged rum, and some of his explanations of government labeling—but overall, Bruhn does give some more information about that 5-second-aging process. Give it a read if you want further details.

Original story, March 7, 2019: On face, you’re right to be slightly skeptical of a Pabst Blue Ribbon whiskey. What does a beer brand like PBR know about distilling? But the news that PBR will release its own whiskey actually has some promise: The whiskey will be a collaboration with New Holland, Michigan-based New Holland Artisan Spirits, an offshoot of New Holland Brewing. We at The Takeout are big fans of New Holland’s spirits, with resident whiskey expert Allison Shoemaker giving a big thumbs up to the Beer Barrel Bourbon, and resident beer expert me doing the same for Zeppelin Bend Reserve, a sherry-cask finished single-malt whiskey.

MiBiz tried to get more details about the partnership between PBR and New Holland, though information is scarce at this point. The collaboration only came to light when the Alcohol And Tobacco Tax And Trade Bureau—the federal agency responsible for approving alcohol labels—processed the PBR whiskey label, making it public record. Both Pabst and New Holland confirmed the PBR whiskey project, but declined to elaborate further: “We are just not quite ready yet as several details [are] still up in the air,” a Pabst spokesperson told MiBiz.

Listen i’m not about shaming people’s adult beverage choices…everyone likes what they like and lord knows I’ve thrown back a PBR or 30 back in my college days. But listen to me carefully though… if you come over to my house with a bottle of fucking PBR whiskey i’m tossing your triflin ass out the front door Uncle Phil style. Grabbing you by your jeans and everything and then throwing your bottle across the street.

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