Put Your Sweet Tooth to the Test with Dunkin’s New Peeps Marshmallow- Flavored Coffee and Donut

As if donuts weren’t quite sweet enough, Dunkin’ (the artist formerly known as Dunkin’ Donuts) recently announced its plans to release a limited-edition Peeps Marshmallow-flavored coffee and espresso beverages, as well as a Peeps Donut. Whether you love the sugar-coated, rainbow-colored Easter treats or hate ‘em, the Peeps are making their way to a Dunkin’ near you in just a few days.

According to the press release from the popular donut chain, the Peeps coffee will be available both hot and iced, as well as in its frozen coffee and chocolate drinks and hot espresso drinks. Not quite enough marshmallowy goodness to get your morning started? Go ahead and dunk a Peeps donut into that cup of joe! The donut will be decked out in white icing and both green and multicolored sprinkles shaped like eggs, and topped with the iconic yellow Peeps chick. Adorable, yes; sugar coma-inducing, also yes. America’s definitely going to be running on Dunkin’ … until the sugar crash kicks in, that is.

Both the Peeps beverages and donut will be available at participating locations starting April 1 while supplies last. 

To celebrate the super-sweet launch, the Dunkin’ coffee-shaped car and the Peepsmobile will team up and take a road trip together starting at Bethlehem, Pennsylvania (the Peeps’ hometown) and ending in Quincy, Massachusetts (where Dunkin’ was born) starting April 2. Along the way, the cars will stop at six Dunkin’ locations and surprise the first 250 customers with free goodies, including the Peeps donut, a small Peeps Marshmallow Iced Coffee, and more. 

Dunkin’ will also be unveiling several other new items this spring, including a sweet sriracha bacon breakfast sandwich, frozen lemonade, iced tea lemonade, and chocolate cherry cold brew.

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